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Welcome to Week 2!
VBS packet pickup will be after church from 10:30-12.  We will be outside along the parking lot, weather permitting. If it is raining, please enter through the South doors by the parking lot.

Don't forget to bring your offerings on Sunday morning!

Pastor Awe needs a hair cut!  Help us raise money for the Siouxland Hispanic Ministry, AND give Pastor a hair cut he won't forget!  

Level 1: Whichever hair cut gets the most money, is the hair cut Pastor Awe has to have for a week.  
Level 2: If we raise $3,000, Pastor Awe has to get ALL FIVE hair cuts, one per week for 5 weeks
Level 3: If we raise over $5,000, Pastor Awe has agreed to keep the Nebraska Mega-Fan hair cut for A WHOLE MONTH!

#1 - The Captain Jack Sparrow
#2 - The Flock of Seagulls
#3 - The Martin Luther
#4 - The Mullet
#5 - The Nebraska Mega-Fan

Check out what these styles might look like:


To sign up to receive the VBS video each Saturday, click here: https://hopelutheranssc.breezechms.com/form/495697

If you would like to receive the video but do not wish to retrieve the packet, please write in the comments section of the registration form that you do not wish to pick up the packet.  
Alternatively, you may also note if Sundays do not work as a pick up time, and we can arrange to have your packet picked up during the week.  

VBS music: http://hopelutheranssc.com/vbs-2020/vbsmusic