2022 will bring changes and exciting new opportunities!

Join us in our endeavor to print a new directory. 

Why? Starting with 2022 being Hope Lutheran's 75th anniversary, we will also be photographing and printing a brand new directory for all members.  Not only celebrating the many years that Hope Lutheran has been in the South Sioux City community, but also allowing us to connect again with all members, new and... "new, but 40 years ago." 

When: January 11, 12, and 13

Where: Hope Lutheran Church Gym

What do I get out of it?

A FREE 8x10 family photo, a FREE family directory of the church, and access to a password protected mobile app with the digital directory included

How? Great question! 
Sign up Monday through Friday in the comfort of your own home (or from your phone!) at https://www.ucdir.com/schedule/login.php
User name: ne149
Password: photos

Choose a time that works for you, and we'll be sending you an email reminder when the time comes closer. 

No computer? Out of phone data? That smart phone just won't work the way your grandkids say it does? No problem!
Starting November 28th, someone will be waiting in the gym, each Sunday after church, to sign you up!




Each document below contains a list of the lessons in each unit, as well as the list of memory work that is to be completed with each unit. 

Units 1 and 2 are known as the "Green" units.  These must be completed before a student can move on to the Blue.  However, students can complete the Green units in any order.  Both Bible Overview units contain the same list of memory work, so while the list looks large, the student is given two semesters to be able to recite all pieces.  

Units 3, 4, and 5 are known as the "Blue" units.  These can be completed in any order, and each unit contains a unique list of memory work that coordinates with the lessons being learned.  

Unit 6 is known as the "Gold" unit, and is the final class for Catechism.  Memory work in this unit is a compilation of all previous units.  


Unit 1: Bible Overview 1

Unit 2: Bible Overview 2

Unit 3: Ten Commandments, Office of the Keys, Confession and Absolution

Unit 4: The Creed

Unit 5: The Lord's Prayer & Baptism 

Unit 6: Means of Grace, Sacrament of the Altar, Christian Life

Student Contract




Please note! Starting September 4th, 2021, Faith, Food, and Fun Day will start at 10 AM, instead of 9.


Registration for the Fall 2021 semester is open now!  Please register here even if you have attended Faith, Food, and Fun Day before.  If the registration page is not working, you can also call the church office (402-494-1847) to get registered.  

Check the schedule page for dates that we will have class, and the list of activities available for each date.

If class needs to be cancelled for any reason, we will do our best to contact everyone directly.  However, any announcements will also be posted here in the 3F Announcements page, as well as the
main announcements page of the Hope Lutheran website.  

Fall 2021 classes begin on September 4th!